Cyber-allied Blackouts: another SA looming nightmare?

A cyber-related blackout is a looming possibility. If not addressed seriously, the SA reality can turn into nightmares for years to come. The Fin24 portal reported that Eskom will implement Stage 4 load shedding from 12:00 on Saturday, 16 March. Earlier on Saturday morning, the power utility said it would be implementing Stage 2 load …

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Digital MOSQUITO can bite your precious data

A recently discovered hacking technique allows adversaries to extract precious data from your computers even if  the devices are physically disconnected from any network, including the Internet. This is a must-read for those mandated to protect sensitive organisational data. Digital MOSQUITO at work In computing, an ‘air gap is a network security measure which ensures …

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Protecting South African Critical Infrastructure

Prosperous and highly-connected regions of the world are and will be lucrative targets for various adversaries. South Africa is and will be one of the most worthwhile targets on the African continent. A recent global study found that South Africa ranks as one of the top ten most vulnerable countries to cyber attacks. Societies around …

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